I have a Plextor 24/10/40 and I would like to know more about overburning. What are the good points/bad points, any recommendations? Is it bad for the drive? Just need someone to give me all the ups and downs of overburning on this drive.


Maybe if you use the search function you can learn more about overburning.
For now I can tell you that some CD’s can record more data then other ones! I thought in Nero you can see how much a CDR can contain.

Well I can you some info I know. Basically overburning is writing data outside of the pre determined boundaries of the CD-R. The good side: you can now add more data to a CD-R than usual and this can be very handy sometimes (eg. a DivX movie of 710MB).

The bad side: the ‘place’ where this data is written can be of lesser quality so you might get errors.

Is this bad for your writer? No. It can’t hurt the drive although software usually do mention that overburning is done at your own risk and can damage the writer. This is absolute nonsense since I have never read anywhere that a drive was damaged due to overburning.

Hope this info helps you!

Thanks a lot guys, I’ll check it out!

I’ve done alot of overburning myself. And with 650 meg disks, i’ve overburned as much as 25 megs.
But with 700 mb disks, I’ve haven’t had as much luck. I’ve at the most safely burnt 10 extra megs. Only once though. My rule of thumb is that if it’s under a minute (I use nero, and it likes to say how many minutes of data is on the disk, like a 700 mb disk is 80 minutes, so I know I can safely burn 81 minutes worth of data). I use different types of disk, usually real good ones as I get my CDR’s (and RW’s) for free, and grab, I mean, take, err, get the best ones possible. =)

COMPUSA here in the US sells 99 minute 850 MB cdrs, so i bought a 10 pack and used them. I made a few good 90+ minute cds on my plextor with no problem. it’s just past the 95 minute mark that has clicking and errors, but still worth it. check it out!