Hi, I done a lot of burning in the past but have never needed to overburn until now.
Could you please help me with my problem?

I have a DivX that is 716mb packed and 709mb unpacked.

Can I overburn to this extent?
If so, how?

I am using a HP8200 4x burner, Memorex 70min CDR’s and Nero 5540.

I would rather burn the rars than the unpacked movie if possible. If I can’t do this burning the unpacked avi is good enough.

Thanks for your help

With a nowadays burner this overburning should be no probelm using nero and using a decen brand og 80 min cdr.
However, I doubt strongly, if your burner is able to do some overburning.
You have to check it out with a simulationtest, and when it fails accepting help from a friend with better sophisticated equipment.
Another hot item involves the sizes>>did you compare them with same browser? It’s a little weird, that packed size is bigger then unpacked item.
When using winrar with MAX compression enabled, size should shrink a little 5% for *AVI, so your packed *avi had to be 676 MB.
When it’s your intention, to store RAR’s only, you can consider to repack the *AVI.