I upgraded my HP CD-Writer Plus 8200a to a 9100. Now overburning should be supported but I’m still not able to write 80 mins. My firmware version is 1.0c I heard that an older firmware could help but the same guy told me that an older version was never really released :confused:
Can anybody help me?


If you want my advice go to HP or go to
www.cdmediaworld.com – TOP SITE
hp’s one is www.hp.com


strange , what programm do you use for burning cds?


I’m using Nero
It’s the newest version.


I assume you are trying to copy divxs, but this is strange… you don’t need to overburn to copy 80mins cds, unless you mean 90 min cds. I burn 80min cds all the time with nero and I’m using an hp 8200 so there should be no problem.
But if you wanna overburn, I read somewhere that all HP writers don’t support it, I believe this was on the nero site but not sure.


You are using the same copier as I am hp 9100i and the same firmware also. I can burn 80min cd’s without any trouble just ignore the information when it tells you that you’r over time. As long as it’s no more than 80 mins there should be no problem.
Are you using the software that came with your writer? EZCD Creator 3.5 is what came when I bought mine and this is what I use most of the time for basic copies where nothing fancy is needed. Hope this helps,

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