How much can you overburn on a 800mb cd / 650 mbs /700mbs??

And does overburning affect a protected game?

it depends on the brand of cdr media you use, but you can find a list somewhere on www.cdmediaworld.com with the overburn capacity’s of the cdrs.

But make sure, your burner is capable of doing it

Thanx dude.

with the new nero is a utility bundled called cdspeed.
You can determine howmuch you can overburn your cd.
The same is possible with te feurio cd writer


I used a imation 80 minute once to burn a ozzy osbourne/ rob halford compilation that I got out of a heavy metal newsgroup. I used Nero and a hp7200i
to burn it to 89:17, and I ended having to lose 1 song because I didnt want to push it any more than that,
and that cd, all the tracks work fine and show up on the home stereo as 89:17 and 19 tracks.


-Try various brands of cd’s and be careful because you can damage the alignment of the head if you go too far off to the edge of the cd.

I have Mitsumi4804TE and that driver rocks, because if I use wonder cds then I can burn normaly 120min.

But Mitsumi can burn much over than normal capasity but it depends on cd features. Some cd will burn witout problems to 90min (74min).

REMEMBER if you burn your cd over than what is normal capasity of the cd, your burner might be damaged, so what I try top say is don’t try to overburn too much!

Personaly I don’t use overburn if cd need bigger cd I go to out and buy wonder cd (90min or 120min)! Of course you can burn 74min up to 76min-80min!

Here is site where you can find wonder cd compatible burners “www.disc4u.net” <- if I don’t remember wrong!

If you wanna try how much you can overburn, just try… but be careful!

Hope this helps! :wink:

Alright. But you said it could be damaged, how is that?
How can the cd recorder be damaged?

Thanx dude i’ll check that site ASAP.

I destroyed my old 2x burner by overburning. The drive was only designed for 74 minute cdr’s. It could burn close to 78 minutes but any more than that lead to an unrecognizeable coaster. I tried one 80 minute iso once and the thing made a horrible noise and died. I guess the laser assembly wasn’t made to extend out that far and eventuall bit the dust. I wasn’t realy sad when it happened cause I wanted it to die anyway. 2x was nice in 98.

How the hell can it burn to 120? Does it make smaller spirals?

If you overburn 2 much then the laser may damage other stuff inside, I think! :wink:
MayB when the laser gets beyond the disc it melts down the case! :stuck_out_tongue:

That Mitsumi drive really can burn long discs!! A friend of mine also has it an it burn all lenghts!!!