I am trying to burn a 700.9 meg file to cd and need to know how or if i can over burn a 700 meg cd. If so, what do I need to do. I am using HP 8200i cdrw.




Most of the times you can burn just till 702 mb without overburning with burn programs, if you want to overburn the cd you need a burner wich supports it, if not your drive could get damaged. If you want to overburn you should programs like nero burning rom.

if you want to know how much fits on the cd’r you use
check this link

I believe that the HP 8200 doesn’t support 80 minute cds.
But of this I am not too sure.

Check the support site of HP (www.hp.com) for possible firmware updates.

And maybe the trick posted on the mainpage, flashing your drive with a Sony firmware may help (and possibly upgrade your maximum speed as well, use at own risk though).

I just want to say that it dependts on hardware for exsample my friend have hp 9100 and when he try over to burn 5mgs and when burner was burning last megs on cd the system crash!<-and cd fucked up

But Like a have mitsumi 4804te with these cd driver I can over burner 120min with special cd but if I want 90min to 80min cd that is not problem! :wink: