helo guys and gls :slight_smile:

I’ve some blank dvds that is 4.7gb size (is there any less than 4.7 :confused: ?!!!)
Nero by default read any dvd as 4.4GB

the question is, is enabling dvd overburning in the options
and writing something between 4.4 & 4.7 on the blank is risky or not ??

the blanks r mainly Samsung Plemax, Rico
the burner is SOHW 1673S Firmware is >> JSOD

Thx in advance

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

AFAIK Lite-On’s are not able to overburn DVD media.
You’ll have to get a Plextor or BenQ 1640/1655 to be able do that and than only on DVD+R’s.

Yes, in combination with low quality media you’ll get the results you’d like.

Is always a RISK.
Samsung dvd media is junk.

Heh, I would rather say it’s always a risk, even without overburning to burn on crap media like that.
But all this ofcourse off topic.

Risk with any media. Rember one of the golden rules. Try to avoid writing to the very outer edges of the disc, the area most likley to cause problems. :slight_smile:

OB just ain’t worth it :disagree:

thx guys for the help :flower: