Overburning with NEC 3500

Hi, I burned by accident 800mb audio-cd into 700mb verbatim datalifeplus cd-r. And it works perfectly in all test i’ve made with Nero and fully listenable in the end with cd player. Is this good overburn result?

How much more there is possibly to burn, maybe 850 mb without problem?
And is there risk of damage to drive by doing so?

I’m sure at least somebody can say if that is good result to overburn 800mb into 700mb cd?


when you write an Audio CD, the audio tracks are encoded in a different way than when writing data tracks on a Data CD.

For data a better error correction (CRC redundancy) is needed than for audio - imagine the consequences if just a single bit is changed in a program file burned to CD, the whole program could be useless!

For audio the consequences of small errors are much less severe, because they will only produce a small and brief change in the sound - which you might not even be able to hear.

On a 700 MB (80 min) CD you can usually fit 703MB of Data or 806MB of Audio; without overburning that is. If your drive supports overburning (most modern drives do), you would normally be able to burn an additional 1-2 minutes of data/audio depending on the media (CD-R) you use. You can test your drive’s and your media’s overburning capability with Nero CD-DVD Speed (and other programs also).

In order to overburn a CD (or DVD) with Nero, you first have to enable overburning in Nero preferences (under Expert Features), and even then you will be warned each time you attempt an overburn; in other words it is almost impossible to overburn “by accident” in Nero, but it can certainly be done.

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i have got a 700mb cd with three diffrend kind of Windows XP . its size is more than 2000 MB.

webmoly?? Show some pics…

I have the same CD with different versions of Win2K3 server. Actualy it’s pretty simple using hard links to files that CDFS supports just fine. I have 5 CD compiled to one for Office2K3 suite. This usualy could be done with disks that have a lot of the same files. These files are put ones on CD and then hard links are created from all other dirs.

I heard such CD could be created with UltraISO, but personaly I was unable to find how to create a hard link in this product.

BTW, webmoly forgot to say that actual size of CD image is less or equal to 700 Mb. :wink:

Oh… that explains a lot =) Haven’t known CDFS supports hard links. =)