Overburning with H10N - possible?


I was just wondering if it is possible to overburn (i.e. burn more data than specified) on a DVD+R/+RW disc with LG’s H10N. And if it is supported, which software/settings are required?



I don’t think the drive supports DVD overburning. The recent review by cdrlabs does not test DVD overburning but the previous H10A review did and found it wasn’t supported. The H10A and H10N are essentially the same drive, but with different firmware so I think that applies for the H10N as well.

In any case, overburning with DVDs isn’t recommended. The part of a disc that usually starts to fail is the edge of the disc - the same part you will be trying to put more data on when you overburn a disc. So you are actually increasing your risks of losing data when you do that. I used to overburn CD-Rs and I lost so much of data when the discs ran into problems. DVD media seems to be less reliable than CD-R media so I don’t like the risks. I currently won’t even fill DVD discs to the end if I can help it - I leave about 100MB empty.