Overburning w/ LTR 52327S



I’m a newbie, with overburning method. :confused:

Should I continue to overburn 830MB, on 700MB Philips media ?

After I finished overburning, I copy the image, or video, back to the HDD, just to verify my way, and everything is fine with data, will this eventually destroy my LTR-52327S ?

Later KingShip


what do u mean by “continue”? u mean u’ve already overburned 830mb onto a 700mb cdr? cuz i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to overburn that much data onto any 700mb cdr, unless u’re writing in mode 2 or something. as far as writing and reading overburned discs, nothing bad should happen to the drive.


Really, I didn’t know about the size, I thought the limiting factor was minutes, yeah, it says, mode 1.

And After I didn’t believe it copied so large a file, I copied the info back unto the HDD, 830 MB video. It was fine, damn, I better stop, while i’m ahead, Thanks

Later KingShip


the limiting factor IS minutes; 8.75mb of data in mode 1 ~ 1 min.

u must be copying from an (s)vcd, which is written in mode 2 and 10mb ~ 1 min.