Overburning Time Variations?

Okay first off if this is in the wrong place, please put it in the gith place but after doing a search alot point to this fourm.

Now, here is something I dont understand:

I have 3 burners:

Yamaha CRW-FE1
Plex 24x10x40
Plex 12x10x32

All IDE, now I was tersting out overburning on 80Min CD’s. I have generic Ritek’s, now this is what I dont understand:

I tested a Ritek CD to see how far the overburning would go, and to re-build my database, and on the Yamaha it said that it can overburn the CD by a total of 81:56.30, which is a total of 1:56.30 extra, now the same CD in the 24x10 Plex overburns to a total of :83:07.50, which is a total of 3:07.50 extra.

Also, the Plextor can recognize its a Generic, and the brand name Ritek, but yet the Yamaha doesnt see either.

Anyone else have this same dilema? Just curious, cause I would think that the yamaha would see the same extra time that the plex would, but doesnt.

The whole thing annoys me. Foryunately I don’t have to get this close to knowing how far I can go. My IDE controllers confuse all CD-R recognition programs.

I think alexnoe can confirm this but different burners see different lengths…does that make sense? Why the Yammy can’t see a thing, (“Generic, and the brand name Ritek”), I don’t know.

Kinda similar stuff here --> Unable to find exact overburn capacity of 80-min CD-Rs with LTR-48125W

Originally posted by BoSkin

I did the switch VS08 --> VS06 --> VS08 only for the sake of experience and
in order to make sure whether it was a bug or not.
Otherwise I don’t really care about it that much, since I use my Plex for those capacity tests,
which in fact showed to be with more generous times -> the Plex is “adding” 10-20 ( or even more ) secs more on a CD :confused: :smiley:


I know, my two Plex’s see the same time frame a full 3 mins, but yet the Yammy doesnt, which baffled me to post this, and which to believe to be the closer of the two to being real without actually burning it (which I know would have been the answer :))

And why it doesnt read the atip correctly for brand name is another good point, especially when Yammy claims it does read the atip.


I read that whole thread before, but due to this being a Yammy and not a LiteOn, I figured this was a different issue since its not firmware related, or so I think.

If anyone cares to try and has a second burner let me know, I am using the 1.0d firmware on the Yammy opposed to the 1.0c I believe it came with.

But another thing that comes to mind is why would different burners see different times? shouldnt they all see the same or near the same with a couple of second difference? Cause to me even 30 seconds if the Plex is being that generous is way too much. I understand that simulation is not exact to what it is but general, but considering this to a be a norm to test for the past few years you would think they would be accurate or very close to it, even though companies publicly dont support overburning, yet there hardware is made to do so.