Overburning Software

Hello, I need a software to check how many MB / minutes extra there is in a CD/DVD…I tried using Nero Speed but it does not work for me.


For what I know there is no software that is able to do such thing.

You can (theoretically) write on a disc only the nominal amount of data established in the standard for that media. The overburning is something that in some way violates the standard, so there is no warranty that data will be readable.

For what I know the only way to find how much data you can overburn on a disc is to actually burn a disc and check its readability. This, of course, consumes a lot of discs.

Bear in mind, however, that different batches of media have different quality (this is true mostly for DVD discs), so even if you find the amount that can be overburned on a batch of discs, if you use a different box it’s probable that these discs are of a different manufacturing batch and can be overburned lesser than the other discs.

The test available in cd-dvd speed is only a simulation, so it’s not fully reliable :frowning:

Perhaps you can use ImgBurn in Discovery mode / Test mode?