Overburning, PX-712a

how can i overburn DVds on my px-712a? how to do it? is it possible, i tried with princo DVDs, but it dont let me

I think that your princos are DVD-Rs.On PX716A i can overburn DVD+R only so i guess its the same case for 712A.

Overburn Princo LOOOL. They don’t even work at their normal capacity

this is very true :cop:

BTW i eared rumors that princos can damage my drive, are they truth?

You need to enable overburn:
>> Plextools - pull down menu Options - Preferences - Recording Options - Allow Overburn (select it).

Anyway, good luck with the princos :slight_smile:

Agree. Wasted time to try to overburn them, you will end up with a coaster with or without overburning them. And DVD-R’s cannot be overburnt with the PX712/PX716 anyway. And oops, where the hell one dares to sell Princo ? I’ve yet to see such a crap disk as the old Princo’s but as Zevia said, good luck with them. :Z Sure I would not waste my time on burning anything on them:p

regards, Stephen

I’ve yet to see such a crap disk as the old Princo’s
Vivastar :slight_smile:

princos are not for me, i use ritek 4 myself :smiley:
i want overburn disks bcoz i dnt want other ppl to resell my DVD’s :cop:

BTW i discovered this on Princo site:
i think i am gona trow my PX-712a away pmpl :Z

If you want to overburn, use DVD+R disks, any of these can be overburnt, but anyone with a little knowledge will take care of this type of “protection”,

  • using any shrink and compression tools for movies
  • using a file copy mode for DVD based games, etc… (plus the unnecessary data can be removed from the iso, and the new iso can be reburnt and the disk is copyable again…)

So this may stop a few people, but not that many… Oh, yes I am also thinking of getting a new Princo writer, if its quality is such great as their disks then it will be the investment of the year.:stuck_out_tongue:

regards, Stephen

they almost know read english :eek: that means this type of “protection” will be enogh…
the only thing they know to do is press “next” on nero express :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
i have to go rent and copy movies movies for them bcoz they cant handle them :bow: :bow: :bow:

Oh, yeah I also know these type of people, who know how to press the “copy” button in different burning programs. So yes as you too think the overburn feature will stop them copying your stuff. :bigsmile: But it’s even better to use Princo’s for those people, you know it has a hardware based protection - it’s a write once/read zero media.:iagree:

regards, Stephen

actualy mine princos can be read up to 5 times i think, i dnt think any1 had ever watched a film more than that, and i only got 2 movies that i burnt for me with them… but the princo media that ppl lent me is usualy good, maybe you had bad experience with fake princos, i read this on their website (when i was looking for information on princo 8X): We hereby announced that we don’t have any factory in China. If the goods you bought came from China, it’s 100% fake goods. If you bought & sale this kinds goods, PRINCO will not promise any quality guarantee for you and we’ll take legal action with who made or sale fake goods !!
it is on here

BTW i got plextor PX-130A DVD reader and PX-712A writer, that must be why i dont have much bad experience with princos, except have to trow away 10% of them bcoz they have some kind of error when i start to burn them, but they cheap, 10euros 50 princo “budget” (as if they were not cheap enogh)… look like i will have to spend extra 15 cent per disc to “copy protect” them… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: