Overburning problem

Please HELP
I have a lite on 40125S burner and the latest nero but I can’t overburn
However Nero Info Tool says that my burner accepts overburning
I’ve crossed the optin “overburning” in Nero and I always cross the option disc-at-once
Can somebody tell me why it doesn’t work?

Any disc over 700 MB (80 minutes) must use Nero overburn settings to allow it to be burned. Use the following settings:

  1. Don’t use the Nero Wizard. It will not allow overburning as it defaults to Track-At-Once. If it is active, close it.

  2. Multisession | No Multisession must be checked

  3. ISO | Check Mode 1 and Joliet

  4. Burn | Check Write and Finalize CD (No further writing possible). Write method must be Disk-At-Once.

  5. In the main menu, File | Preferences | Expert Settings check “Enable overburn disk-at-once burning”. If you are using a 800 MB data disc, you can set the Maximum CD length to 90 minutes 0 seconds 0 frm. Hit Apply, then OK. If you are using a 650 or 700 MB data disc, use the overburn capacity test in Nero CD Speed to estimate the maximum overburn capacity.

  6. The Red and Yellow marker settings in File | Preferences | General Settings have no effect on burning or overburning. They are there just as a visual aid.

These settings should allow you to attempt an overburn if your recorder and the media support it.

Thanks a lot
It works

Hello there, I have a 870MB 99 min CDR, and I tried all your instructions to burn an .iso image file

  1. set all the settings according to your instructions
  2. recorder->burn image
  3. write method set to disc-at-once
  4. burn it

but it fail

any idea how to overburn an image file?
do I need other tools other than nero 6?

Jin Kai

Unfortunately, Inertia is not available here @CDF. :sad:

  1. I wonder if you set the max CD length to 99m 59sec 74fr ?
  2. How big is your file ?
  3. What’s your burner ?
  4. Which version of Nero do you use ?
  5. Have you tried Mode 2 ?

I have 700MB disks and ran the overburn capacity test and they are good for 82 minutes it says. I thought that I could burn 800MB on these but nero will not let me.

How do I burn an ISO file that is around 775MB on a 700MB disk? Is it possible?

Some confusion there…

640MB = 74mins
700MB = 80mins
800MB = ±90mins

Keep in mind that for VCD / SVCD which is a mode 2 image, you cram more on the cd with the tradeoff being worse error correction.

74mins VCD/mode2 image = 750MB
80mins VCD/mode2 image = 805MB
90mins VCD/mode2 image = 920MB

So does this mean that a 700MB disk can be used in overburn mode2 resulting in 805MB being burned on that disk?

this may be a daft question but why cd? why not extract the mpg’s and author them out to dvd?.. no overburn needed and ya can fit more than 1 film on? just a suggestion. i allways do it that way these days especialy as the price of dvd’s is comparable with cd’s these days…well they are in UK cheap pack of 25 dvd 7 quid. 25 pack of cd’s 6 quid

Mode 2 is not overburning. It’s just an alternate error correction scheme which is usually used for video files, as a few glitches/ read errors will not matter in the grand scheme of things.

For data (programs, word documents/etc) a small glitch can equal catastrophe.

perhaps because he has a CD burner, and not a DVD burner (40125S)…

rofl ah well

yep, that’s right

As I learn then :bow: , mode 2 will allow me to save more on a disk because I do not reserve area for error correction, Right? So if I use mode 2 will I get how much out of a 700MB disk?

Another question: The iso file I have is a program. Can I convert it into a format that will allow me to load it directly from my hard drive to my hard drive without burning it to a CD?

Mode 2 has very basic error correction, and some people say it’s enough. My personal experience is that writing CD’s as mode2 is like backing up your businesses most crucial records on princo DVD-R’s :stuck_out_tongue: You come back a few weeks later after a succesful burn and tear your hair out trying to recover stuff.

It’s fine for SVCD & VCD though or music, because as I said earlier, a few read errors isn’t going to demolish the whole film, just a few pixels on a frame, which is on screen for less than 1/24th of a second. If you notice it, you have great eyes.
On the other hand, if you store your companies tax records, or other important documents on a mode2 CD, you are practically suicidal.

It’s called daemon tools, or nero drive image.
Ones free, the other comes bundled (for free) with Nero.

3 diffrent version of win XP on a 700 MB cd. it is possible to do so

Was that a question or a statement?

With the advent of DVDR… it is easily possible.