Overburning problem PX-W4824A using Nero

I have a problem with overburning on my PX-W4824A (upgraded to latest firmware (1.5)) with Nero (updated to latest version in 5.5 series (version

Eventhough I have chosen Disc-At-Once mode, disabled multsession, enabled overburning media (set to - 89:30), deactivated “Check for correct disc format”, lowered burning speed to as low as 4X, Nero still refuses to even try to record on the media.

When pressing “Burn” button, the CD is ejected, with a popup saying “There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this medium”.

The CD I am using is MMore CD-R 90 (90 min, 800 Mb), but Nero reports the capacity of the disc to 703 MB, and the file I am trying to burn is an image (bin) with size 717 MB.

Any help on solving the problem would be much appriciated!

Set the overburning length to 99 minutes. There is no need to disable “Check for correct disc format.” Nero and other tools will always detect 90 minute media as a standard 80 minute disc. This is not a problem! Please report back if this solves your problem. Welcome to the forum btw Kardis!

Did some more fiddleling with settings and setup lenght to 99 mins as you suggested, and it worked.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

No problem. I’m glad your problem has been solved :slight_smile: