Overburning Plextor 12/10/32A - I know it has been said before!

Ok, here’s the deal. It say everywhere that plex 12/10/32 can overburn. And I tested it using cdrspeed2000.
Worked fine.
Now when I want to burn a 707 mb file using nero, after changing the settings to allow overburn, nero still gives me crap by telling me that the disc capacity is to small.

Somebody help me out here!



Which Nero version? In older versions you need to reclose the CD-tray when Nero says there isn’t enough space. Only then will Nero ask to overburn. In the newer Nero versions it automatically asks if you want to overburn. I have a Plextor 1210a myself and works fine :slight_smile:

my lg and nero give me the same messages …i can burn upto 704 meg on a 700 memorex cdr okay …

do you know for sure that you’ve turned the Disc-At-Once option on? instead of Track-at-Once?

He I works man, Thanks.

Btw, it’s actually kinda weird that that works.

And oh yeah.

In the setting you have to check the over-burn box, but what time do you need to fill in? The time (aproximate) of how much you are going to burn? Or doesn’t this matter?

The Plex can only burn to 89.59 so set it to that or a bit more.I set it to 92.00 and have no problems,


I too have been trying to (over)burn 745MB mpg files to branded 80min medea (DiscRite) in my plextor 24/10/40a.

Fireburner needs iso’s and when given one is said (at x12) burn successfull after only burning 1/3 of the file - disc was a coaster.

Nero has been set to DAO and allow overburning, but will not allow a burn to go ahead no matter what I put in the boxes. The help file is strange, the on-screen help is wrong (iso1 / 2 in 5572 both say aloows 31 chars, etc), and somewhere in the help I thought it said nero will only allow 2 mins above the 80 mins - you cannot go above that?

What is the truth. Eventually I had to make an ISO with WinISO and burn that with CDRDAO.

Can nero burn 745MB onto 80min good quality medea - if so, how do you do it. Nero kept spitting out the disc no matter if I inserted it again (changed setting to 86mins). CDRDAO burnt the 745MB file from the WinISO iso or bin/que in the 24/10/40 quite happily.