Overburning On My Drive

I have a Sony 510a and I am trying to make a data disc. The disc would contain an Iso at 2 GB exactly and a folder with RARS at 2.66 GB for a total of 4.66 GB

I am using TYG02 Dvd - r

Will this work or am I wasting a disc because of my older drive

Any suggestions, including which software to use

Yes, you will be wasting a disk.

A few things:

  1. There are only a few drives out now which have the capability of overburning blank DVD’s.
    They are:
    A. Plextors 712 and 716 series
    B. BenQ DW 1640 (Only with IMGburn or CDDVDspeed 4.10 or later)

  2. Only +R media can be overburned.

  3. No blank DVD+R will be able to fit the amount of data you are try to fit. See this thread for more info on max overburning size. I think the highest amount anyone has managed was 4.54 GB