Overburning on 1640



Master Quikee and Master LIGHTNING UK! working jointly to solve the mystery of ImgBurn and Overburning.

I wish luck you and I thank to you :bow: Gracias


Nah don’t be… I must apologise… I really am not in a good mood today.

OK can we test the new build of ImgBurn if it really works?

About failing of reserve track concerns… it doesn’t fail for Nero CD/DVD Speed so it must be something I did wrong.

I really hope BenQ engineers see this thread and fix the issues with overburning in the next firmware release. Until then I think BenQ users will have to live with this dirty hack. =P At least it works somehow…


Thanks to both Lightning UK! and Quikee for working on this. :bow: It’d be great to see the ability to use ImgBurn for overburning on the 1640, I know that others would find this very useful on occasion. Looking forward to it. :smiley:


While the Masters are working on it (waiting for Master Erik too!), let me report the latest observations regarding overburning on BenQ 1640:

  • Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.09.3: Create Data Disk >4600 - OK, but Burn Image File - Failed.
  • Nero Burning ROM Overburning >4600 - Not allowed. Overburning ISO up to 4600 - Failed.
  • ImgBurn Overburning - Failed, but on Plextor - OK
  • DVD Dec Overburning - Failed, but on Plextor - OK
  • Quikee’s DVDWrite: Overburning - OK (including on Plextors).

Cheers. :slight_smile:


the curse of the 1640 :sad:

the Gods of DVD do not support to us… Nooooooooooooo whyyy

I do not lose the hope :bow:


registry hack to enable overburning above 4600MB in Nero Burning ROM (reg hack is for 4650 but i’m not quite sure what DWORD value corresponds to what MB value though):


I’m really astounded about the amount of interest that’s here (especially after my successful overburn). Thank you to Quikee, LIGHTNING UK!, Erik Deppe and all others! The DVD Tool by Quikee works well for the moment, we can use that till something else better comes along.

I look forward to the final product - a fully documented drive and hopefully implementation of overburn for our own and also authoring programs.


here look - from the review at http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=15369

How does it work?
Before the disc is burned, the drive writes two very short tracks, one in the LeadIn and one in the LeadOut area of the disc. Then the drive measures the jitter on both areas and decides if this jitter value is OK or not. If not, the drive will choose another writing strategy and redo the test until the Jitter is acceptable. After this, the drive writes your data on the disc, with the best possible writing strategy, which was found by SolidBurn.

Exactly as I discovered!


Ok, I don’t have access to an BenQ 1640, I only have a (now old) 1620 model.

As I’d like someone to test ImgBurn for I attempt a ‘final’ release this weekend, doesn anyone fancy giving it a try?

I’d prefer it to be Quikee as he’d be able to provide the best feedback! (in technical programming terms).

If you’re up for the task, drop me a PM, or email the imgburn ‘support’ address (as found in the programs ‘About’ box).


As an IMGBurn Beta Tester, I am glad to announce that I have tested IMGBurn Beta Version and IT IS ABLE TO OVERBURN OVERSIZED IMAGES SUCCESSFULY!

Here is a screenshot and the LOG file for your enjoyment.

All thanks to LIGHTNING UK!

Scan coming shortly.




Cheers for that and I’m glad to hear it worked ok :slight_smile:


Awesome work LUK! and Quikee!

We need a new thread with OB results. :smiley:


yes… new overburning thread, good idea. :clap:


Nice work Lightning UK!
Tell us please when the final ImgBurn release will be available (hopefully very soon).
This really deserves a donation.


Tell us please when the final ImgBurn release will be available (hopefully very soon).

By the weekend I would hope.


I am assuming overburning is still only possible with +R media, like with the Plextor drives. Or am I wrong?


Yes i think you are right for the moment. I tried 3 times to overburn a 4600mb image to a CMCMAG.AE1 disc, it burnt, and failed to finalise at the last step :frowning:


to hope :iagree: , not to hope :disagree: , To hope :iagree:

I will wait to weekend… thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


As I said, I don;t think overburning -R is possible – here is a screenie of IMGBURN trying to start an oversized image with DVD-R (CMCMAG.AE1)

We get a problem with the Reserve Track Command.

I also tried Create Data Disc in CDSpeed v4.08 - Notice it burns up to the area … then fails with a write error.

I was burning 4610MB to it - so maybe the media can’t handle it - let me try 4500MB.

Still no success!

Reinserting the disc makes it appear blank like so:


Here’s some fun - see the burn speed graph :slight_smile: - this is burning that blank that was already burnt for a second time :slight_smile: - nice little rings :slight_smile:

See how desperate the WOPC was? Trying its best to fix things up … and see how it kicked out just at the end? maybe that’s why my burns spike a bit at the end

Forgot to turn off overburn so it’s still blank - this time i’ll try burning it a 3rd time just for fun :stuck_out_tongue: