Overburning on 1640



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This thread was initially created when BSKB is out. I showed that Nero CD-DVD Speed create data disk failed to overburn with BSKB (post#6). Now, I can confirm that BSLB will sucessfully overburn using create data disk!

But not so fast! DVD Decrypter and Nero Burning ROM still disagreed!

So it seems that 1640/BSLB is still not fully supported??

  1. Nero CD-DVD Speed: Create Data Disk, successfully burn 4600MB.
  2. However the result is bad! Maybe bad media?
  3. DVD-D will not overburn, stopped at 4,700,372,922 bytes (standard size)
  4. Nero Burning ROM also failed to overburn 4600MB.
  5. For reference, PX-716A overburn nicely (see also drpino scan above).


Forgot to mention that it doesn’t count for the Plextor 712 and 716 drives - they can do it to the max, no question.


I was referring to the Plextor as the standard/benchmark for overburning, nothing more. We’re just trying to dig what this drive can (or cannot) do. :wink:


Yeah, this whole DVD overburning thingie is very confusing in some way.
e.g. the Pio DVR-107 could overburn using +R but not on -R, later drives refused on all media. :wink:


I think I know the source of your quality issue with 1640 -> it looks as if the calibration for solidburn or the drive writes a THIN hairline track just a little bit after the data. When you overburn - you overburn right into this calibration track and hence -> Quality Issues


I did get a good overburn test disc … and indeed it worked nicely. I find you get less quality issues at the end by turning OFF SOLIDBURN and OVERSPEED and there will be fewer problems. My first overburn disc at 8x looks superb (even though it should have been at 4x :S) but the problem is still there - HOW DO WE GET THE SOFTWARE TO DO THE SAME. Since CD-Speed can overburn, I tried puting an oversize NRG image into do the create data disc thingy -> BUT IT COMPLAINS – can Erik Deppe look into putting oversize images with the overburn option on in the create data disk section so we can at least get some overburnt useful data?


Looks like I’ve overburnt the RICOHJPNR01 to the edge (<1MB to the limit according to the o/b test option) and this burn at 4x rox! there’s a step of errors at the end … that’s to be expected but it’s >4600 and NO DISC QUALITY ISSUE!

It looks like we can do it!


Nice one!!


Thanks … As for the accuracy of the simulation about the princo media at the beginnign of the thread - the simulation here allows 4994 or thereabout MB’s - a practical burn resulted in a write error <4.5GB therefore proving that the simulations are not always accurate, but it was for other “quality discs”. It also was noticed that WOPC isn’t really enabled after the 4.38GB area …

I find that with solidburn/overspeed, you can only safely overburn 43MB on the plus discs before you hit the “calibration track”, with it off you can strike 4600Mb on the discs that are able without a problem … currently out of discs with overburn capability for testing - although TDK 8x +R/-R White Printables (CMCMAGE01, TTG02) have overburns to ~4625-4675MB according to simulations (we’ll have to find the real value) - but I think that’s my next target!


I tried a little more 4630 MB as I had to ask zevia how to get this to work so I could try it on my Plextor. This Batch of TY is not great and I use it mainly for testing so could be the reason for the increase in PIF at the end. Will try a better batch later.:slight_smile:
Overburn 4630 MB. Same settings as lui_gough OS/SB Off.


Tried a better batch of YUDEN000 T02. (1159)
QSuite set to OS/SB off Supported disc (non activated default).
Set to burn 4630 MB.


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seems like I was right about the SB calibration part of it … and here’s the image of my disc with the culprit track clearly visble! This is part of ErikDeppe’s problem since he reported quality issues and overburns usually burn into the area = this is a winner!



Yes I think you nailed the problem on the head.:iagree: :clap:


So the summary is the BenQ 1640 with firmware BSLB is able to overburn, tested with Nero CD-DVD Speed. However other applications (Nero Burning ROM for example) does not support this drive? Well, we can always use Nero CD-DVD Speed to overburn ISO image created by other applications. :slight_smile:


Can it? I tried an oversize NRG image and it spat out a problem -> Image too big … I was thinking and hoping Erik Deppe can solve it :slight_smile:

satisfied at myself I have done something that no one did before me!!! AHAHAHAA


Anyone tried contacting him to ask? I am not sure he reads this thread.


I pm’d him … but he doesn’t wanna be contacted by e-mail … :S


Thanks for the very useful information!
I will mention this to BenQ.

The current version of Nero CD-DVD Speed cannot overburn image files but I will change this.

Here are the first image overburning results:

The quality at the end is not very good but all files are readable.