Overburning on 1640



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Anyone heard anything about why CD Speed says it can overburn?


Because it checks for overburning in simulation mode… which is known not to be very reliable. For a real overburn test you have to write a disc for real to be 100% sure how much you can overburn and if overburning is even possible.


The BenQ can overburn DVDs.
However there’s a major quality issue with the overburned discs. A small part after 4500 MB is unreadable.
Strangely the quality at the very end is ok.

I used the Nec to scan because it was the only drive who could scan the disc until the end.


It won’t burn a disc with overburn on in Nero. It’s gives an error right away when you try to. Looks like the only way to overburn is to create a disc image and burn it in CD Speed.


I checked it with Nero and I got the same error as Zevia (logical block address out of range).
I’ll try to get more information from BenQ about this.


Glad to see you are on the case Erik. Looking forward to ‘hopefully’ being able to overburn (Just a little mind) on occasion in Nero etc.


You can’t overburn -R media. Overburn only works for +R


Strange, Princo Dvd-R Data 1-4x Cd/Dvd Speed 4.04 test overburn until 4.992MB!


Was that a real overburn or only running the overburn test though? There is an actual overburn setting for ‘Create Data Disc’. If you can actually do an overburned disc in CD Speed I’d be interested to know. Now of course you will be saying to me ‘why don’t you try it?’. Simple answer is because I can’t be bothered right now.


To start with, let me say my experience with DVD burners is limited to say the least. My LiteOn started giving me reliability issues lately and started wondering if time had not arrived for me to get a DVD burner… Looked around to make an enlightened choice and went ahead and bought a Benq 1640 last week along with some Ritek 16x media DVD+R (RITEK R04) which was the only available 16x media in the store. I immediately flashed the latest firmware and installed the sw. On my second burn, I wanted to overburn as I used to on CDs with Nero v6.6.16 and wondered what capability it had. I ended up burning at 16x 4 554 008K (what Total Commander reports on this CD) and CD Speed reports 4447MB.
While I had requested the burn to be done at 12x in Nero, the burn was done at 16x anyway.


Gilbert, full size DVD+R is 4482MB so your 4447MB burned disk is not considered as overburn, must be greater than 4482MB.


Only test, no real overburning, as Maxell 8x Dvd+R Media ID Maxell 002 4.649MB and Verbatim 16x Dvd-R Media ID MCC03RG20 4.596MB, Verbatim 16x Dvd+R Media ID MCC 004 no test because Cd/Dvd Speed told me write Dvd in Overburn Test.:frowning:
I have one Princo only, now. :frowning:


Thanks for this answer as I never knew exactly what the MB base was: decimal or the binary based one which can be confusing as the greater the number the more discrepancy there is and knowing which one is used by each software. There is also knowing what the numbers actually represent as there has to be space for the file table, lead-in, lead-out so I always was in the dark as to what actually was the real numbers for actual data to which one can take into account multiple sessions vs single one. I’ve never had a clear explanation or numbers that I could base myself on. I have a vague idea but it is vague… In fact I wonder if the lead-in is not the 1st copy of the file allocation table which, to me would be the listing of all the files contained on the CD/DVD as well as their respective position and the lead-out would be the final or second file allocation table?


I burned another DVD and am a little bit puzzled about the question of overburning size. I made a UDF compilation of 4 folders totalizing 4 638 871 884 bytes and when I asked Nero to burn it, it told me I was overburning with the caution messages and asked if I wanted to burn anyway. This time I noticed that even if my compilation info showed 12x burning, the last caption showed it would burn at 16x and changed it to 12x as I prefer a quality burn. Here is the result of my disc quality and benchmark.


Still not overburned though


Nero probably warned you since there’s more overhead needed for a UDF File System burn…


I did not have any choice to burn in UDF file mode since one of the file to burn was 4 548 536 832 bytes long (Acronis True image of one partition) and Nero warned such a long file needed UDF, to which I added 3 more folders of 33 735 728, 37 659 362 and 18 939 964 bytes. I’m starting to wonder if I should give UltraISO a try to create such an image?