Overburning on 1640



I already asked in the new firmware thread but with all the other attention I think it will get lost amongst the scans etc.

I can now overburn DVD’s with this firmware. I tested a CMC MAG AE1 disc and it said I can overburn to 4603MB. Of course you never get that amount of overburn when you burn in Nero for instance. With the amount I quoted in mind. How much overburn is generally a safe bet for both - and +R media considering +R is usually less space than -R? 4580MB?


DeadMan, How can you tell that BenQ 1640/BSKB can overburn? Can you also confirm with other softwares such as DVD Decrypter or Nero CD Speed create data disk? I’ve mention in this post that there’s a possible bug in Nero burning ROM that says “Overburning: Supported” while real burn test failed (can’t overburn).

I’ve tested BenQ 1640 with BSJB and doesn’t support overburn. I’m at office now so can’t join the fun in the new firmware thread!! :frowning:


I ran the test in CD Speed :smiley:


I tend to agree.
I also am still running BSJB (Waiting for the K results to shake down a bit further). I havent had any success with 3 or 4 attempts to overburn DVDs with Nero, however the CD burning does overburn (Though not as high as other drives I tested with the same maxell media. It wont go “red” with maxells, though my Toshiba wont, but the NEC will?). I wonder if their ID answer for overburning was nonspecific, and if it supports EITHER cd or DVD or both, their answer to the SUPPORTS OVERBURN question is a patented YES that sounds real good on 1st glance? Not to bang on NERO or anything, but it does sound like marketing strategy at its finest if it turns out to be true?


I ran the CD Speed test on earlier firmwares and it failed. But now works on the K firmware. I only occasionally want to overburn slightly so won’t really be testing it for sometime no doubt. I could waste a disc of course but don’t know how much I should overburn by. The max CD Speed overburn test says it can? I’d rather not to be honest. If I need to overburn in Nero it will probably be by a few mb at any rate.



Although I can confirm Nero CD Speed: Overburning Test says overburning supported for YUDEN000T02 @4636MB, however in real life test using Nero CD Speed Create Data Disk and DVD Decrypter it failed. So BenQ 1640/BSKB does not support overburning and probably wont.

Pic1: Nero CD Speed: Overburning Test on YUDEN000T02 @4636MB (bug?)
Pic2: Nero CD Speed Create Data Disk Overburning Enabled @4600MB, stopped at normal capacity 4.38GB/4482MB.
Pic3: DVD Decrypter, attempt to overburn and stopped at normal capacity with Logical Block Address Out of Range error.

For comparison, overburning with Plextor PX-716A
Pic4. Nero CD Speed Create Data Disk Overburning Enabled @4630MB, success.
Pic5. Disk quality screenshot for Pic4 (no scan), showing 4630MB.


Perhaps the writing tools now need to support this feature on this drive.


Many thanks for this post zevia. Is is very informative for me. :bow: :bow:

Maybe cd-dvd speed overburning test is not so reliable :confused:


ErikDeppe will chip in soon with his findings and it might be interesting. :wink:


We all are waiting for his results :bow:


Aye! I look forward to his musings :wink:


Anyone heard anything about why CD Speed says it can overburn?


Because it checks for overburning in simulation mode… which is known not to be very reliable. For a real overburn test you have to write a disc for real to be 100% sure how much you can overburn and if overburning is even possible.


The BenQ can overburn DVDs.
However there’s a major quality issue with the overburned discs. A small part after 4500 MB is unreadable.
Strangely the quality at the very end is ok.

I used the Nec to scan because it was the only drive who could scan the disc until the end.


It won’t burn a disc with overburn on in Nero. It’s gives an error right away when you try to. Looks like the only way to overburn is to create a disc image and burn it in CD Speed.


I checked it with Nero and I got the same error as Zevia (logical block address out of range).
I’ll try to get more information from BenQ about this.


Glad to see you are on the case Erik. Looking forward to ‘hopefully’ being able to overburn (Just a little mind) on occasion in Nero etc.


You can’t overburn -R media. Overburn only works for +R


Strange, Princo Dvd-R Data 1-4x Cd/Dvd Speed 4.04 test overburn until 4.992MB!


Was that a real overburn or only running the overburn test though? There is an actual overburn setting for ‘Create Data Disc’. If you can actually do an overburned disc in CD Speed I’d be interested to know. Now of course you will be saying to me ‘why don’t you try it?’. Simple answer is because I can’t be bothered right now.