Overburning Mini CD-R (Nero bug?)



I have some unusual results from overburn tests in Nero. I tried CD Speed firts and it reports no failure when burning past the physical limits of the Mini CD-R media. They are Infinite. But the overburn test goes way beyond the 185MB data value for a 21 minute Mini CD-R.

I also tried a simulated burn of 300MB and it reports no failure which is just not possible.

I have not actually done a burn yet and would rather know what the actual maximum overburn I can get on these discs before I do.

Any ideas on the screwy overburn tests?

EDIT: OK tested on two burners a Lite-On 24102B and a Lite-On 52246 and it runs correctly at 24x simulated overburn on both drives. But at 32x (The rated maximum speed for this media) the overburn test fails because it continues past the physical abilities of the media without complaining.

At 24x it correctly identifies the overburning capacity as a little over 23 minutes (The media is 21:15).

Nero bug or hardware bug?


Originally posted by Oddball
Nero bug or hardware bug?

Hardware/firmware issue, I think.
If you want to try another program, use Feurio CD-Writer -> Extras -> Test Capacity of CDR.

LiteOn 52x didn’t pass the overburning test when it was tested with Feurio:

LiteOn 24102B did it according to this:

My LG 32x (Mediatek chipset like LiteOns) does it according to Feurio’s page, but it didn’t detect the end last time I tried it.
Something happens with these chipsets…


Yes I noted Feurio does not like the Lite-On 52x drive. It only displays the 24x as an option to burn with.

Anyhow I now know the media is capable of overburning to 23 mins or 201MB of data ‘safely’. I tried pushing it further on my 1st burn to 204MB and 1 of the MP3’s I burned to the disc will not read back (It being 3mb over the limit).

I should get around 3 albums per CD @ 128K although it can vary of course :slight_smile:

Bought a dirt cheap Mini MP3 CD player to stuff in my pocket when I’m out and about. Seemed a cheaper option than a flash MP3 player and less bulky than a full sized MP3 CD player.


Originally posted by Oddball
Yes I noted Feurio does not like the Lite-On 52x drive. It only displays the 24x as an option to burn with.

Oh, I forgot that you need the last drive update to properly recognize the LiteOn 52x.
If you already have it, then Feurio will show a message explainig why a slower speed has been selected (the drive detected the media and decided to limit the maximum speed - Nero does the same but it doesn’t explain why).

But as said, Feurio shouldn’t work with those drives better than CDSpeed.

Slow speeds when overburning might improve quality. At least, with 90min. discs is advised.


Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: