Overburning limit?

I have some avi files that I convert to mpeg-1 with tmpgenc. How do I find out what is the maximum limit for overburning on 700MB CDS? And how many minutes worth of recording time would that be?

You basically have to try it and see. You might be able to get 800 MB but it’s risky.

How this translates into minutes depends on the encoding bitrate of the avi files (the higher the bitrate, the fewer minutes you get per MB).

Nero allows you to test before the actual burn.
Take care about “real life” experiences, because you risk to damage your drive.
Depending on the use for the discs and the drive that will play them, you also have 800 and 870 MB discs ( so called 90 and 99 minutes discs).

If with VCDEasy, which I know you use for burning, you create an 800mb bin file , that’ll easily fit a 700mb CD-R as the recording mode is different. Please don’t ask for an explanation 'cos I can’t give you one.

I’d reckon to get up to 1 hour of movie onto to a VCD with “reasonable” quality.