Overburning (I know its been asked before)

First off, please dont tell me to search cause I already have and It didnt help me too much.

Im using nero to burn an “extra CD” that contains about 18 mp3’s (to listen in the CD player) and some data.

what happens is that on that little bar down the very bottom (that tells you the megs used) it says that its under 700 megs (80 minutes), but when I right click on the CD and click properties it tells me that 765 megs have been used. How can that many megs be used when its under 80 minutes?!?

Which one of the counters is right?? the graph or the properties??

Now is it actually possible to overburn that much without totally f***ing up the cd writer?? or am i dreamin??

the burners a Diamond Data (mitsubishi) 16x10x40, and I’m using Sony CD’s that are 700mb.

Should I try it?? or should I just take off a few mp3’s?? also which counter do I believe??



P.S - I’ve already tried that cdmediaworld.com place and they only have 650mg sonys, not 700mg.

audio is burnt in a different manner than data, hence the 765 Mb (about 76 minutes) will fit on a 80-minute CD. For data, the number of bytes per sector is 2048, for audio (and video) CD, the number is something like 2356 (at least, more bytes per sector than on a data CD).

On a 74-minute CD-R, you can put about 740 Mb of audio, on a 80-minute CD about 800 Mb. No overburning is required for this operation, it’s standard procedure for CD-R drives.

Originally posted by Crazy Bob
the number is something like 2356
Actually it’s 2352 bytes per sector. The reason for this is that audio doesn’t use CRC checks (error correction is done via the hardware). Data does use CRC checks so it can now hold less data per sector.

So for audio you look at the track length and not the size in MB’s and for Data you do check the size in MB’s.