Overburning (Help needed)

Hi guys… I’m new to this malarkey so please be gentle :o

I’m using: Nero
LiteOn LTR 40125S
Datasafe Media 90M CD-R

I want to burn an audio CD from 3 mp3 files with a total playing time of 81m 44s

Can this be done with the above set-up/media, if so what settings should I be using in the software (for overburning). If not what should I be using.

TIA :bow:

Rich Tea

Hope I’ve posted in the right section.

Open Nero, choose “File” and then “Preferences”.
Go to “Expert Features” and enable overburn disc-at-once.
Since you have 90min CD’s type 90min 0sec 0frm in the box.

Click “Ok” and burn. Use Disc-At-Once (DAO) write method :slight_smile:

Thanks Airhead, I’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

Rich Tea

It worked a treat!!!

Thanks :smiley:

Rich Tea