Overburning failure

I tried to burn an overburn vcd disc- 81:58 movie minutes .
In the end of the process after burning 100%, it does’nt succeed to end the burning process.
I tried several buring and I used 80 minutes CDRW cd, I did an overburning test in nero cd speed. and i can write on that cd- 82:04:37 minutes.

Why does it happen?

82:04:37 is the total usable space. But this is not all usable for data. Lead out, lead in and TOC also requires some space.

My advise is to not overburn more than 81 minutes max. (and then TOC + lead out and lead in will also be added and make the total time a bit bigger)

My rule is: Overburn result from CD-speed - 45 seconds = how much you could burn to the CD.

But it may vary. Try some 90/99min discs instead for your need.

I burned several 700 MB discs to 719-725 MB.
Of course, there was a write error during lead out, but this didn’t influence readability.
So simply ignore write errors during lead out (plextor 24x needs firmware 1.04 for this, otherwise it crashes and windows must be rebooted).
Do not do this with Freecom writers! The author of feurio reported that he had killed one!

Also: Do not overburn crap discs at too high speeds, because writing may fail before the end of the disc only because of lower and lower quality.

I have LITE-ON 40125S, and it does’nt give me any ignore option,
just discard.

  1. If you are using Nero, enable “Overburn” option under “expert features” and set the markers, both yellow and red, as appropriate. Once you start the write process, if the data exceeds the disc nominal capacity, you’ll get a pop up asking you if you want to overburn. Click on “Yes”

  2. Some recorders support overburning only at lower speeds. Reduce burn speed and see if that works.

  3. Perhaps more people could help you if you post more information about your burner and the software you are using, along with the disc ATIP.

I have burnt some Prodisc CDs at upto 740 MB on a 16101B at 16x. Have to try overburning on the 32125W over the weekend. The results might be applicable to the 40125S too.