Overburning failed

Starting from the point that I’m a neophite in OVERburning CDs (but I learn quickly), I would like to receive an answer to my “simple” question. I need to over burn an Audio CD. The “total” duration time of the 12 tracks is 84 minutes about. So, I bought a 90 minutes Think Xtra CD-R (the only ones I was able to find at this moment in local shops) and tried to realize my Audio CD.

For your information, I use Ahead Nero 6 (regularly updated to its last release) and Lite-On LTR-52246S (firmware updated) as burner.

I don’t know if I did it right but to make a “fast” work I used the application Nero Express. To cut a long story short, I was not able to overburn the CD-R. I received an error message that Nero couldn’t realize the CD because the duration time of the CD to realize was higher than 80 minutes. Looking at the bar placed at the bottom of Nero Express, I saw that the duration time arrived 'til 80 minutes, even if the CD-R inside the burner was 90 minutes long.

It seems Nero Express only can burn ('til) 80 minutes CD-R long but I know that Nero 6 and my LiteOn burner together can make an overburning session correctly.

So, where I was wrong? Maybe I had to set something somewhere in the Nero application (check or uncheck boxes, etc.). Please, let me know.

Thanks in advance to evryone.

To overburn, you need to enable overburning in Nero :
File -> Preferences -> Expert Features -> overburning (second from top) in fill in there “99 min” or something similar.
What I don’t understand if you use a 90min CD, you don’t need to overburn to put 84
min on the disc. You would need to overburn if you’d use a 80min CD, but not for a 90 min CD !

Anyway, set your overburn to 99 min as above and try again.
I’m sure your drive van overburn if it has the latest firmware, because I’ve the same in my system.
Let’s heer how it goes from there.