Overburning DVDs

I searched through the forums and was surprised to see that not one single person had anything to say about overburning DVDs. Well the obvious question now is, is it possible to overburn DVDs at this time? My burner, an LDW-811S, is capable of overburning DVDs but I haven’t found a program yet that is capble? If there are any programs please let me know. Thanks.

Yes personnaly i im also really surprised.
But how do you know that your burner supports DVD overburn ?
And it’s not just the ability of overburning only the CDs?

My burner (a NEC-2500A) also has this feature indicated in Nero, but finally i supposed it was just for the CDs.

I know this because I was trying to burn a DVD at the time plus LiteOn says it supports overburning for DVDs.

OK. :sad:

neither hardware nor software exists which supports overburning dvds. where did you read that your drive does?

The only program that I know that can make overburning is DVD shrink for dvd-video only.
But do not think that the extra size will be big and I do not know if it will be good for dvd-recorders.

Maybe we’ve seen little about overburning in the DVD realm because the amount is huge by comparison to overburning a CD.
You ever notice that a 700mb CD is just that while a 4.7GB DVD blank is actually 4.3GB… Just a thought that might be a clue as to why you can’t overburn now (or at least not yet).