Overburning DVD+R with SATA burners

Hello again all,
Seems as I get older, I have less and less time for online forums but I still manage to come back here every couple of years or so. Lots of great memories back when this place was cdfreaks :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there was ever a SATA interface DVD burner that was capable of overburning DVD+R disks the way my old Plextor 712-a and BenQ DW1640 were. I did some online searching and see that there is a drive from Optiarc that allows overburning of DVD+R DL disks but doesn’t mention anything about single layer ones.

Thank you in advance for your replies/help.

Also, while most of us do not burn optical media in the volume we used to, I realized something interesting about my usage. Of all the formats of the present and past, I rarely burn a DVD+R/-R or CD-R anymore. However, I am still using CD-RWs on a weekly basis! The reason? My car stereo works well with them and I can throw a bunch of music in MP3 format on them. I use the RWs because despite the issues I had with them in the past, I have only had one fail on me recently and I don’t want to be chucking out a bunch of plastic everytime I get tired of the music.

Love and happy holidays to you all!

Never seen any.

The purpose of developing DVD+R DL overburning was to permit full backup of XBOX 360 game discs. Probably never developed for SL as there was no problem to be solved by doing so.

Following the capability of the Optiarc AD5280/5290 series there was developed a downloadable “payload” for the MTK controller used in common configurable LiteOn drives which added this feature. Called BurnerMax, the ImgBurn burning software subsequently added this code into the software itself via the manufacturer-specific special features menu. If you have a MTK-based LiteOn drive it couldn’t hurt to try it on a SL disc just to see what happens…

Yeah, I still have the Lite-On drive capable of that flashed with the special firmware. it’s the “iHAS324-98 B” model and has a May 2011 mfg date.

but it collects dust as I am just using it as a backup DVD burner in case my Sony 7240S dies as it’s the only other SATA based DVD burner I own besides a older Liteon 1673S (my first DVD burner) which is IDE based.