Overburning DVD+R DL with 716A

Now that DL media have gotten down to an affordable price, has anyone experimented in overburning them yet? Plextor drives can overburn DVD+R media, but can they also do so on DL +R media? I’d imagine so, but one would have to be very careful with over-exceeding the L0 layer break LBA absolute limit. Using rough estimates based on overburn capacities of single layer +R media, we should be able to get 300-400 MB more per DL disc increasing the total capacity to around 8,900,000,000 bytes. I think there could be 50,000 to 75,000 additional sectors per layer possible.

Any ideas or insights?

With SL media it could come in handy, but what would that give on DL?


zyzzle, why don’t you try it, if you have some spare DL disks.
And share your experience with us.
Personally, I don’t think that that DL media can be overburnt.