Overburning DVD In Nero with 2500?

Hi Guys I had a quick search in these forums though to avail :sad:

basically I was wondering what I have to do to be able to overburn a dvd?

I have some files (data disc) that I would like to keep together- but in total it comes up to 4,765,254,878 bytes, which I think roughly equates to 4550mb.

If I try doing an overburning test in nero on some RiDisc G04’s I get the following error:

The Drive does not support overburning with this type of disc

The drive is flashed with Herrie’s 1.07 v2 Beta 5.

Its not a massive problem I guess by the error generated it was expecting too much for overburning as well as all the other neat features, was just gonna ask in case one of your genii got it to work

The answer is

The Drive does not support overburning with this type of disc
which is the same with most, if not all DVDRW burners. No capability to overburn DVD media.

I think nero let you overburn up to 4500MB or a little bit more in the expert features setting.

I was able to burn my Riteks G04 @ 8x with Nero and the hacked firmware.

Stoner51, the question was about overburning, not overspeeding :slight_smile:

hey thanks guys- yeah in cd-dvd speed overburn test- the default is 5000 :eek: , i actually set it to 4550 but no luck

the option is there in the expert settings to alter the overburn size- with the warnings below of course.

oh well guess its going to have to be 1 dvd + 1 cd :sad:

2500A simply doesn’t support overburning. Maybe in a future firmware… But every report says even a slight overburn is bound to fail, and it is also my experience.

Is it just one file? If not, can’t you compress part of it?