Overburning CDs with nec3520a

hello. bought the drive yesterday,and was testing overburning of CDs (Verbatim DataLife 52x,700 MB) with Nero CD/DVD Speed. The drive just never stops simulating until it reaches the amount of time that i asked it to try with,and then says “simulation completed without errors.try with more data” or something like that. i don’t get any error,and the same CD leads to a normal overburning test on my CD burner,Teac CDW-524E…that’s quite strange to me.
anybody experienced anything like that?
thank you all for feedback!

So NOBODY has anything to say? Please…

I don’t have a 3520, but I experienced the same behaviour on my NEC ND-3500AG.

Using the same exact disc on my other burner, a Plextor PX-712A, worked as expected.

I guess this is a general problem with NEC drives?!

I have the same problem !!