Overburning CD witn VB6 and NERO COM

Can enyone tell me what is the metod or flag or etc. to enable overburn writing CD in VB6 and NERO Com?

You must set EnableOverburn property to true and the OverburnSize property immediately after Nero object is created. The drive must support the overburn and you must write using DAO. Additionally, you must handle either OnOverburn or OnOverburn2 events and return [color=black]DLG_RETURN_TRUE to allow overburn.


What is OverburnSize property ? Do you mean “blocks” or what ? And how many blocks I can set ?

OverburnSize is a property on Nero object. It is in blocks and should always be greater or equal than the content size. There is no strict “how many blocks can I set”. It depends both on the media and the recorder. Overburning is risky business. I am not sure if there is any actual maximum but generally it should be kept to a maximum of a few minutes (in terms of audio).