Overburning CD-R capacity Question

LiteOn 401@811 w/ HSOK firmware.

Nero v5.5.10.56 & BurnatOnce v0.99b.

Kodak CD-R Ultima 80 (12x) 700 mb/ 80 min &
Digital Research (Ritek) (32x) 700 mb/ 80 min

Lately I decided to backup a lot of data (software) I have on my computer.

Using BurnatOnce, I noticed that what I loaded about 570 mb to be burned on the Kodak, the application indicated that " 570 MB to be written to disc (850 MB free)".

When I tried the same files but this time with the Ritek media I get the following message " 570 MB to be written to disc (703 MB Free)".

I then decide to use Nero CD Speed -->Extra–>Overburning Test. With test capacity set at 99.57.00. START. I then get the following message " Writing stopped without an error. Use a larger value of the maximum capacity."

This message I got for both the Ritek and Kodak media.

What the hell is going on. Is the kodak media really capable of recording 850 MB even though it is rated for 700 MB data?

Is nero cd speed validating what BurnatOnce is indicating.

Are these Kodak CD-R media that special?

Am I doing something wrong?

And how do you use a larger value in the Nero CD speed than 99.57.00?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Yes you can overburn Kodak discs.

For example:

Thanks wesociety for the response. But those links don’t really confirm if the kodak can really be overburned to 850 MB for strickly data NOT Video.

Originally posted by iamsam909

Am I doing something wrong?

Nothing. I have one word for you - firmware.

This kinda stuff was common last year. “Strengthen the stability of the " OVERBURN " function” -
that’s what we used to read at that time when seeing LiteOn urgently attempting to fix their CD-RW FW issues.

If you have e.g. a LiteOn CD-writer w the latest FW, try it instead.

Edit iamsam909, one post on this subject is more than enough > Overburning CD-R capacity Question