Overburned disc: reads well at rated speed, but not above

I overburned a RICOHPJN R01 DVD+R from 4x to 12x. The problem is, how do I know if I got a good burn? Nero CD-DVD speed gives a score of 97 (great!) when I scan it at 4x (the disc’s rated speed), but 0 (sic) at anything faster. Does this means I got a bad burn?

Probably. What is the idea behind 4@12x anyway these days??

To cut the burn time in half? What do you mean by “probably”? How can I make sure?

Overburning is when more data than the disc has capacity for is burnt on it.

Overspeeding is burning the media faster than it was intended.

What drive did you use?

Oh shoot, I meant oversped. Slip of the tongue. I did not overburn, but I did completely fill the disc. I used a BenQ DW1640.

The forum uses 8x scanning speed as the standard for BenQ scans, so if you get a 0 on that, you will definitely want to re-burn.

unless the 0 score comes from a single PIF spike, if so then there’s nothing to worry about as long as a transfert rate test gives you a clean curve :bigsmile:

But anyway, as Chef puts it, why overspeed these days, unless you have a huge stock of 4X discs? :confused: