Overburned CD's

Could I damage my standalone DVD-player with an overburned CD? Like 90 minutes?

In the early days of CD-Recording, there use to be warnings about potential CD-Recorder damage if the recording laser moves out too far - beyond the edge of the disc. :eek:

However, when it comes to reading CDs, all CD players should be able to read to the physical edge of the disc. With CDs designed for overburning such as those 90/99 minute CDs, the track spacing is tightened to fit more capacity in the same space. This means that when the laser reaches the 90 minute mark on a 90 minute CD, it is equivalent to the laser being in the same position on a 80 minute CD (at the 80 minute mark). However due to the narrower track pitch on these non-standard CDs, some CD player’s laser units will not be able to focus its laser beam properly to pick up this data, which may result in incompatibility, skipping or other read issues in rare cases. :confused:

The only time the laser may attempt to move beyond its standard limitations is if a physically larger CD (diameter greater than 12cm) is loaded, but as most CD player tracks cannot taking anything larger than a 12cm CD, there is no risk in accidently loading a physically oversized CD. :cool:

Thanks to you!