Hi all

I can do a overburn with audio files but when I
Try to do a overburn with data I can not. I have
a Lite-On 32x with nero win xp

Can You Help

Thank you

Do you have disc at once enabled?

I am trying to find disc at once enabled, where should
I look I have looked in nero preferences.

I did not know how to stop that @!@@! wizard
I feel like a @@@. I always used the wizard , BUT NO MORE!!

Thank You again

What speed are you overburning at? My doesn’t show me less than 8x on my 24102b? I thought the slower the better to overburn at?

You can’t burn at 4x with a Lite-On. With programs
like Nero and Easy CD Creator. CloneCD list it but I
do not think you can. Maybe someone can tell you more.
I overburn at 24x or 32x its up to the cd I have at the time.

The liteon cd-writers can not write less than 8x.
And for this some times when you overburn with them, it can produce a coaster.

Parker what are you talking about with coaster and overburning
with the Lite-On? I don’t think I understand you.

Sorry, I had read bad the subject of your posts