Overburn with sony 140E


I’m trying to burn a 750Mb avi (data) file on a 80min/700Mb CDR. Nero say’s my drive can do overburn, but I’m not sure.

Problem is that I keep on getting messages that the CD is to small. I’ve sets the settings of nero to 82 min ext overburn…

Any idea’s what could be wrong ? Or am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance, Bas.

750 mb is just too much for an 80min cd, even with overburning. Try using 90/99 min cdr if your writer can handle these.

Oki i’m trying a 707Mb avi/divx file now and it’s still the same.

I use a 703/80min CD.

Strange thing is when burning and the burn screen come’s the file size increze to 801Mb and 80:24 !

Any idea how come?

Thanks so far, Bas.

I’m no expert, but try to determine the max overburn capacity of your cdr’s with Nero CD Speed. Then put the overburn capacity higher in Nero. My cdr’s for example can do around 83 mins. Maybe this will help.

Did you uncheck the check for correct format?
And of course check enable overburn in the settings of nero

I did set it to overburn : 82min 59sec 59frm

But where can i find that setting for check format ?

Thanks, Bas.