Overburn Tester

Heres an idea for a program that should be quite easy to write (I think - I have little to no programming experience). In essence, something to test the limits of a blank CD… The used would put in the attemped ammount to burn (say 920megs or something), and the program would then atempt to burn in 1 kb ammounts from that ammount backwards, and test the burned data as it went. Once it got several correct burns in a row, it would then tell the user exactly how much space there was on the CD - as it has just found out.
The only problem with this might be if the CD media was irregular at the extremities, as some of the cheaper disks I’ve seen sometimes are, but whether or not this would cause more than a very minor problem, I do not know.
Just an idea.

some burn programs have that option.

I believe Feurio (will check this for you…later… .i am at my work now) can test a cd…het starts to look at 99 min and then goes backwards.

One of the nero tools can do the same I believe

Feurio can definitely do this.
It puts the result in it’s own database too, so when you want to overburn next time Feurio displays the max overburn time of that cd brand(if tested previously ofcourse)

yes feurio can do it

-feurio cd burner
–extras…look for the media library or test media

you can even download a cdr/cdrw media info file from their homepage…
put it in your directory and it will tell you lots of info about your cdrw media