Overburn READING with LG8520


I had/have an 8160 and I was happy with it. I discovered I could overburn 99min cds. FINE

The problem was that this biaaaaatch won’t read them (believe me, or buy an LG CD-RW).

I didn’t knew that, just though there weren’t correctly recorded.

Then I bought a LG 8520, nice kraft too. Burns fine 99min. Still won’t read.

I brought the overburned cds to work, where we have a NEC DVD-+R and a LG 52x CD-ROM (not R/RW) and they read PERFECT.

So, what’s up with the LG recorders? how can they lovely record 99 minutes of data, then, can’t read?

The nicest thing is that you can listen to the spiral nut “clicking” when it reads the outer part like the pickup should go further to be able to read.

Sorry about my english.


:frowning: crap, no one will answer? :frowning: