Overburn margins?



Is there a program/tool/utility or site where you can determine the overburn margins of CDR's ? ; there was once a site with many different types of CDR's with sizes and margins specified...(CDFreaks?),but i can't find it anymore...thnx


with feurio you can determine the maximum capacity of any cdr (testburn).
Note: don’t register this proggie…


The funny thing is that I’m using this program myself…"so you mean that this program can determine the 'overburn-margins’by using the test-mode??? I’m probably not finished with this remarkable progr. …+ will have another look!!Thnx


you are quite right , it’s a damn good burning program (for audio), although a bit hard to understand…
You can test the capacity of the cdr in the CD writer program, menu item ‘Extras’|‘Test capacity of CD-R’.
In case you can’t find it… )