Overburn in nero

i want to make a copy of a vcd…it’s capacity is a bit more than 700mb…how can i overburn a cd in nero? is there an overburn option somewhere?

i cannot find a 90min cd …so i’m using a 700mb/80 min…

…and yes…i’m THE stupidest person in computer stuff!!! :slight_smile:

thnxx a lot!

  1. under preferences, there’s an “expert features” tab. check the “enable overburn” box and set the max cd length to something like 82:30:00 (it varies from cdr to cdr, but this is a good, safe value)
  2. choose “no multisession” for the cd u’re trying to overburn
  3. for write method, choose “disc at once”

if u want to test how much u can overburn a particular cdr (so that u know exactly what to put for the max cd length), use nero cd/dvd speed and go to extra > overburning test.

as for being the stupidest computer person, i’ve seen some pretty stupid stuff, so u’d have to really impress me with some show of stupidity to earn that title. :wink:

lol…thanks but if i ask more things that confuse me you’ll certainly change your mind!! :bigsmile:

i'll  try to do what you said and if i won't manage it ..i think i'll ask for more help..  :rolleyes: 

thank you very very much!!

Originally posted by katerina

i’ll try to do what you said and if i won’t manage it …i think i’ll ask for more help…

Also keep in mind to use more often - there’re tons of FAQs like that > overburn