Overburn fail on NEC 8500A

Have a Compaq laptop with NEC 8500A (i think) and want to swap some movies to CDs instead of HD. The movies is 800 MB and therefore I need to overburn. - BUT IT FAILS.

Using Nero and do the correct settings (hopefully) but the answer from Nero is that this compilation won´t fit on the CD.

Why??? Do I need to adjust any settings on the Player/Recorder?


umm for overburning you might make 730-735meg but 800 is out of reach for a normal data cd. if you were burning a vcd format you might make 800 because vcd like cd-audio doesn’t use error correction on the disc it does it in the hardware so the space that the error correction (3 levels) takes up is available.

cd audio 1 minute of audio - 10 meg of cd space
80 minute audio discs = 800 meg
but the error correction used for data discs lowers the actual writable size to 700

cdrfaq does a better job than i am at this. it looks like you would need a 99 min disc to fit that file… not all burner can burn them and not all players can play them however.

here is a page selling the discs that lists drives and no necs are there sorry

Unless you fancy some re-encoding (higher compression to divx say) which is time consuming you could cut the movie and have it on two disks.
For further info try videohelp.com

Thanks a lot.
But there exists CDs that can manage 800 MB, or 90 minutes.
I think the name is SmartBuy Disc or something…

Cant I use them in this case then…?

not unless the burner can write and then read them. from what i saw… no is the answer

Damn it…Thanks a lot anyway.


In the dialog where to choose the burner in NERO you’ll find the information if your burner supports overburning. If there’s a “no”, forget about it! AKAIK the 8500 doesn’t support overburning!