Overburn DVD'S



Hi, just rearlised that the latest version of nero gives me the option to overburn DVD’S…
I tried at 4530 but it didn’t like it and one file was unreadable, I’m now testing with just 10mb too much to see if it works, I guess it will be very much trial and error till I find the maximum amount I can burn to a disc…


Oh well I guess that the BENQ does not burn overburn DVD’S it has failed with just 10 mb too much …
I did wonder why onone had talked about this before…


We have talked about it before - a couple times in fact. Consensus pretty much states that overburning, if it can be done with DVD’s (I think the Plextor is the only that can actually manage overburning …), isn’t really worth it in the long run. Not when your talking about 8-15 megabytes on a disc that holds 4.35 gigabytes. :slight_smile:


When you are trying to burn files on the dvd that are between 600 and 700mb you often end up with 200 or 300mb unused space, I play around with them till I can fit 7 on the disc or at least fill the dvd completly and sometimes it’s a pain. I often have just 10 or 15mb too much any its even more annoying when you have just 2mb too much cause its ot for gaining 2mb but actually over 600mb when you can’t cut the files


if you are willing to spend the time researching it, there is always a tool that will let you trim video files…


thanks I know I do this as last solution I was just explaining why overburning, even just 10mb would have been usefull


I also had no success overburning + or - media on the Benq 1620… It really is frustrating when your project is just 10, 20, or even 50 mb over. When you know it is physically possible to overburn, but the firmware makes it impossible (artificial limitation). There is always at least 1 or 2 mm left on the outer rim of a full disc, so there are still more bits that can be written…

To that end, I purchased a Plextor 716A and succeeded in overburning TY DVD+R media to 4655 MB, and RICOHJPN01 +R discs to 4680 MB using Nero DVD Overburn feature (even that only “officially” allows 4600 MB, but a quick registry hack enabled me to extend the limit to 4700 MB)… That is almost a 5% extra capacity and it helps to know you have that “buffer” zone when your projects are just a little too big to fit in the “standard” 4.38 GB. Helps quality too, as total bitrate increases about 5% also! I was unsuccessful in overburning any form of DVD -R media on either the Benq or the Plextor 716A.

Is anyone able to hack the firmware of the 1620 to allow overburning on DVD +/- media? My skillz aren’t up to that task, unfortunately…


I can only agree.
Is even 10 or 15mb more worth the risk of damaging the burner beyond repair?
I think no.


“Child be quiet und sleep…”

“… earth is a disc …”

“… overburning might damage your drive …”


Besides, putting its best to leave the very edges of the disk unburnt, as that is where you are most likely to handle it, and it is also the area of the disk that is hardest for the burner to burn.


I´d overburned many CD-R media at many CD-RW drives. No drive ever is been damaged.

Disc geometry of CD and DVD media ist the same, also the laser pickup.


I believe it’s safe to overburn DVDs. I overburn hundreds DVDs with my plextors to 4600MB (adding 123 millions byte) and all my equipments (media, burner, players) are still working fine. It’s just a matter of whether your burner supports it or not.


BenQ 1620 can’t overburn DVDs because it does Power Calibration on the outer part of the disk as well as the inner. You can actioualy see a very thin ring very close to the edge of the disk after burning it. So with current firmware Overburning is impossible.


Overburning is in my opinion a risk i dont need.
The outer part is the area you mostly use with your fingers etc so the data isnt reall in a good place there O.o
(with my litey i could overburn max. 10-30mb and that was a hit and miss adventure)


I’m FOR overburn… its very handy if u burn alot of stuff.
overburnded hundreds of CDR in my Lite-Ons with no trouble at all.

just need a wee bit more.


Actually I’d be for overburning. If someone doesn’t like it, there’s no need to use it. However, when you miss a few megs, it’s just a pain not to be able to overburn a little.


If it really is just a few MB’s, you can try leaving off the backup ifo’s, bups, etc, for movie backups - or in the case of an image, extracting the files and burning - as I mentioned before on cdfreaks, Nero has a problem with some ISO’s saying not enough space, but if you extract the files they often fit just fine.


Thanks, that’s exactly problem, which I faced. Solution works too :smiley:


I have never seen *.BUP’s with that amount of MB’s. :wink:

P.S.: Overburning was that argument for me buying a Plex :iagree:


Well, in that I meant several small files occupying a certain sector size, which I assume is not that great a wastage of space on dvdr’s :slight_smile: At a guess I would say the bup’s are between 200-500K - with sector size giving a MB or so - perhaps not. I am not sure if it’s just nero that has this problem of believing ISO’s are too large to burn, when the contents are alot smaller - it seems it’s not clever enough to know the truth. Extracting the files from such an ISO (img’s fare better) and burning often leaves lots of space on the disc. That said, I am using Nero

I have been led to believe the backup files are for when the main files get corrupted - which I assume is rarely if ever the case. If certain important small files are unreadable, probably the main vob’s would be damaged too.