Overburn DVD with BenQ 1650

Using DVD Speed 4.6 to test overburn capability of BenQ 1650. My START overburn tab is greyed out. How do I enable this option. Currently running Nero with OVERBURN enabled in preferences.


Use ImgBurn to overburn… A lot easier. You probably can build the compilation in it too. But I got use to building the image in Nero with Image Writer and then over burning the image with ImgBurn.

Download here

In DVD Speed think you need to enable overburn in the options. Standard Tests -> Transfer Rate. Checkmark Overburn DVD and enter like 4630MB. Although a safe overburn would be under 4600MB, depending on the media.

My cheap MBIPG101 R04 can overburn to only 4560MB. TY can overburn to about 4630MB.

You can build an image using UltraISO or ISOmagic then use imgburn as well

So writing in DVD VIDEO mode with the VIDEO_TS is not recommended with Nero? Does the use of the image file bypass some sort of DVD checking protocol?


No Nero doesn’t overburn properly, at least with the BenQ burners. Even though there is an overburn option it it, it doesn’t actually work. Maybe it works with the Plextors.

That’s why you need to make an image, so you can use a program than does overburn properly like ImgBurn.

Also there is a minimum you need to overburn. I think regular max size of DVD+R is like 4483MB, you need to overburn at least 4493+MB I think, or it will fail.

OK…guess I will need to format a partition to NTFS since I’m currently running FAT32 (faster).

So the general procedure is to create an image file in Nero, then burn with ImgBurn.

I’ve enabled overburn (4600MB) in CD Speed Options, but the START box in CD Speed overburning test is still greyed out. The write speed is shown as 31x and 18x. Am I missing something?


You need to insert a blank DVD+R in the drive. It can’t overburn DVD-R or ±RWs.

Got it.

One more thing… Turn off SolidBurn… It’ll mess up Overburning because it tests media by burning in the outer edge, this is where you’ll be writing too if you overburn.

Take a look at at media where you have SB on, you can see one thin circle at the outer edge. Easier to spot if you didn’t use the full 4.37GB.

I burned a 4600MB DVD with SB ON using Nero. Nero complained at the end of the burn, but the DVD is fully functional until the last 3 min of the movie, when it locked-up. Could this be result of SB?

I’m reluctant to use the image file method because I would need to create a small NTFS partition at the end of the HDD.


No, it’s not (necessarily) solidburn in this case, you definitely cannot skip the imaging part

I can’t say I have tried it, but ImgBurn can overburn on BenQ drives and it can also burn on-the-fly from a VIDEO_TS directory in “build mode” without creating an image on the harddrive, so it should be possible to overburn a DVD Video disc using ImgBurn build mode.

The freebie Roxio RecordNow software that came with my Dell computer allows easy overburning. After enabling overburn in QSuite, within RecordNow, you go: Tools -> Options -> General -> Advanced -> Select Drive Speed -> DVD -> then choose the speed you want. It will do this with VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.

Are you saying other more expensive software doesn’t allow this?

I think you’re confusing Overspeeding (burning faster than rated speed) with Overburning (burning more than rated capacity).

Yep. Thanks for the clarification.

OK…for clarification with the overburn option using VIDEO_TS and ImgBurn.

1.Rip the VIDEO_TS folder (no encryption) to the hard drive.
2.Launch ImgBurn in Build mode.
3.Select VIDEO_TS folder on HDD as the Source.
4.Select BenQ drive as the Destination (verify checked)

Do these steps look okay?


Looks good to me, except that it seems unlikely that simply ripping a DVD would result in between 4482 MB and 4600 MB of video files, so perhaps there are additional steps required after “1” to reduce the size to 4600?

I wouldn’t personally overburn a Video DVD like this if it were possible to compress it further down so that it fits without overburning, but that’s your decision.

I haven’t actually overburned anything using this exact procedure, so please don’t take my words as gospell. :wink:

I use Nero Recode to set the final VIDEO_TS file to size.

Tested at 4480 with a DVD+RW and ImgBurn in file mode. No problem. Have you encountered read issues with a DVD movie overburned to 4600? I’ve been using 4480, but if there is no drawback with 4600, then I may adopt the overburn strategy.

There are drawbacks using 4600 MB overburn instead of a normal burn of 4482 MB (4489 MB for DVD-R) or less.

  1. Copying the disc can only be done to a drive that supports overburning

  2. The outer edge of the disc is the part that usually gets damaged first, so the closer you burn to the edge the more likely it is that the disc will have reading problems earlier due to scratches, fingerprints, degradation of the dye or whatever.

Personally I would only using DVD overburning for short-term storage of data that don’t fit on a DVD without overburning.

I concur with your points.