Overburn, any Info or just Trial & Error?

Is there anyway of getting info how much I can overburn a disk?
Or is it just a trial and error process that depends and drive and disk?

What disc, what burner?

You could test overburning with Nero CD DVD Speed.

You can overburn DVD+R up to around 4600 - 4650MB (adding 170MB) using Plextor PX-712A, PX-716A, BenQ DW1640 and DW1655.

CD-R can go up to 99+ mins using a special 99 mins CD-R. Plextor drives can use Gigarec to record more than 1GB data on regular CD-Rs.

You cannot overburn DVD-R.

I would suggest using high quality media for overburning.

I got a NEC 4550 A and use only Verbatim discs.

Will not work AFAIK.

Just make a test…

It just ain’t worth it. More trouble then it’s worth. Ever heard the heads on a drive clicking while trying to reach places they don’t want to go to.

Yes, if you tried it above 4690MB. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is pretty safe, in my opinion, to overburn 4600MB and I did it on few hundreds TY and MCC DVD+R for over a year. However 99% of them are movies, not critical data.

But only with the suitable hardware. :wink: