Overburn and write error




the problem is that:
with my old cdrw (teac 12x) i wrote 715mb onto philips cd.
with my new liteon 52x,
nero said Write Error after write leadout.

(same thing happen with a Teac 52x drive).

the cd is ok (cdcheck and copied to disk after write) but the error make me furious!

i also try different media or different speed in simulation.

i have the log of faulty burning and of good burning (with old cdrw).
i can post them…

what do you think?


Probably the drive hit the end of the disc while writing the lead-out. This won’t affect the readability of the rest of the disc, because the leadout does not contain any data (it’s not really used for much anyway…)


i know this.

but with Teac 12x10x32x none error was written by Nero.
Only with new cdrw (teac 52x or Liteon 52x).

this is the problem.

i also send my logs to Ahead to see.

I can overburn because the cd burned is ok, but I don’t know why of this error only with new cdrw.