Overburn a DVD... How?

I am only a few MBs short of being able to burn the files I want on one DVD, and I would like to avoid having to burn a CD on the side… My idea is to avoid this by overburning the DVD, since I have had success with overburning CDs in the past.

Is it even possible to overburn a DVD? I have tried fumbling around with Nero (have version, but got no wiser. I then starting searching extensively on the internet, and followed some guidelines there (including Brad’s Nero Overburning Page), but nothing helps. It just brings up the oh-so-famous “Not enough space on the disk” message. :sad: I do use “Disk at once”, I do use “no multisession”, and I have checked “Overburn” in the Expert features. … and fixed the red marker, both in the General- and the Expert features tabbed panes. I have a “HP dvd writer dvd200i”.

I hope this is information enough. Any help is well apreciated :wink:

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Overburning a DVD is not possible.

what files? data files? just zip a few of them with win zip.

It is, I think.
I remebber CopyToDVD supports it, Lapinou (VSO developper) said. But he really advice not to.

  • The new Padus Diskjuggler can Overburn the DVD, it have the Option

  • The new Nero CD/DVD Speed can test the Overburn on DVD, but Nero can’t use the Overburn !?

Can you make a CD/DVD Speed3 test of that DVD?

lol :wink:

Well, since THAT DVD is virtually available [COLOR=RoyalBlue]here,
you too might in fact run that test by yourself.[/COLOR]

The latest version of Nero ( supports DVD overburning.

Aww, sweet! :cool:

My question: is DVD-overburning a thing done by the software or by the recording hardware? And if it’s the latter, do people have an idea of which drives support it?

More likely it is hardware/media dependent, as it was with CD recorders.

So now we have a whole new feature we can play with :slight_smile:

But… I must burn a DVD to scan for Overburning or i can simulate it?

(sorry for my english :sad: )

simulate, you can see that in the pic you have quoted too :wink:

Yes but… why checkbox are disabled?!

Simulation works only for -R.


  • Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.10
  • DVD-R RitekG04
  • Lite-ON LDW-411s

“SIMULATE” is checked but, also, disabled (like in the pic)…

I’ve been playing with the CDSpeed overburn test a bit. Results are very much specific to the burner and media in use.
As mentioned above, simulate only works with DVD-R, DVD+R will require that a disc be burned.

With DVD-R, (Ritek G04), both my LiteOn and NEC burners failed to start the test, returning “Command Sequence Error”. My NuTech 082 in a USB enclosure was able to run the simulation, and ended at 4488 MB with a frozen drive and program.

NuTech 082:

Testing DVD+R, (ricoh R00) my NEC was able to burn to 4482MB, and the NuTech burner froze the program/drive at the initialization point. The 811S returned the exact same results as the NEC, failed at 4482MB.

NEC 2500A:

With DVD-R (Ritek G04), my LiteOn LDW-411s failed to start the test, returning “Command Sequence Error”.

@ GringoTM

Which drive did you use for overburning?


So is it safe to assume that one can overburn maximum up to 100mb moreless? Your results RD seem to indicate that (assuming the drive is able to overburn).

I will try with my SD-R5112 when i get back home tomorrow.