Overburn 713 on 700 cd


Can i overburn a 730080kb [712.96875mb] divx file into a 700 mb silverline cdr using nero & a yamaha 2200e ?

You won’t find out without trying…anything else are estimations or guesses. Most 700 MB CD-Rs can hold 713 MB.

713 MB should be less than 1.5 minz, then i guess you shouldn’t have any problem… :smiley:
just sorry i can’t remember how far i pushed my burner… :frowning:

the limit [in most cases] is 720 ???

some Taiyo Yuden can do 725 MB, other discs already fail with 715 MB.

I have nero
how can i do an overburn test?

I did a simulation & it failed…
so I did a simulation of 630mb & it’s failed too!!! but i know i can burn 630!

[before the simulation i set in expert window 81:00:00 & in the burn window i needed to tik-off ‘burn underun protection’ in order that the simulation will be on…]