Over write using LG 4167B

Hi all

I’m a real novice here, so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I would like to know if it is possible to :-

a) over write upto 99 mins on a CD
b) over write generally on to a DVD (if so, what is possible?)

I have a 4167B, firmware version DL10, and Nero 6 for burning.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :bow:

You can test overburning with Nero CD DVD Speed.

Overburning DVD is useless (exception is when using Plextor 708/712/716).

Look for PX-716 threads on Plextor forum if you are interested in overwriting DVD disks but I personally recommend just using more HDD space as PATA/SATA 300GB HDDs are not that expensive now.

A tip: if you are a real novice, it’s best first to read the news, reviews, etc. not forum boards. :slight_smile: (Forum posters rarely post in languages that are easy on novices because it’s mostly an enthusiaster’s forum.)

I took a look around the web but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found some info on the Nero site about burning upto 99 mins, but haven’t been able to find anything that tells me if the LG 4167 can safely over burn 99 min CD’s.

For Moominpapa:

You can find a complete review of the LG 4167B at http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=14976

a)…I’m sorry,[B]the LG GSA-4167B supports CD overburning up to only 91 minutes. /B

b) The drive does not support DVD overburning. :frowning:

P.S. As they say in the review, they recommend you to flash the drive to a newest firmware version (current DL11/DJ11…you can download the firmware here: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=4&manufactor=16)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

It seems that another firmware is out!
Look here:

Thanks for that. I have DL12 Firmware now which I’ll try and install a little later.

If the drive only burns upto 91 mins, what would I change the settings to in Nero? Would I set it as 99 mins or 90 mins (the only two settings listed on Nero’s website)?

First of all make an Overburning test with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

1)In Nero CD-DVD go on Extra–>Overburning test, check simulate, set the test capacity and then start. Write down the overburn capacity.

2)In the main menu of Nero, go on File | Preferences | Expert Settings check “Enable overburn disk-at-once burning”. Use the determined (by Nero CD-DVD) overburn capacity in Expert Settings.

P.S. The Red and Yellow marker settings in File | Preferences | General Settings have no effect on burning or overburning. They are there just as a visual aid.

For some strange reason, my Nero won’t allow me to enter any info in to the “test capacity” box. Any idea why this is? This happens either with or without a blank CD in the drive. :confused:

Drive is not supported then…

It has allowed me to burn 89 mins of audio on to a 99 mins CD and it plays back fine. This was after setting Nero to 99 mins media. I guess I can burn 90 mins of audio then!

It’s all rather confusing really… :confused: