Over scanning



So being the frist time that I burned a DVD the other night in the year that I have had my burner, I tried to play my dvd and i noticed the overscan. The files that i burn were all subtitled so half to three quarters of the subs were but off, is there any way to get around the over scan so it will show properly on my 4:3 tv, and if so which program would you recommend?


That has nothing to do with the term “overscan”.


alright then, how would i fix my problem or is there anyway to fix it? Im using Intervideo WinDVD and i cant really find anything that would allow me to alter anything.


You probably mean that the video has hardcoded subs. So unless you can adjust the res n your tv you can only re-transcode the source to make the subs visible.


So yes i have found that the subs are hardcoded, one thing i realized when I was burning with nero 7 that when I add the video file to the project list, it adds lines or resolution if that makes sense. The res goes from 640X480 to 704X480. if the only way is to re-transcode the source then how might i go about doing that?


By running that project you talked about.